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Blocked Drains Adelaide

A blocked drain is a major frustration to any home or business owner and needs to be attended to straight away before any structural damage or health risk can occur. A blocked sewer or stormwater drain can pose a huge safety concern – with a blocked drains the water pools and becomes stagnant and soon becomes a breeding ground from harmful bacteria.

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In most instances, a blocked drain just won’t suddenly occur; it will usually start out as a partial blockage which builds up over time until the pipe is completely blocked. There are some signs that may indicate a partial blocked drain on your property:

  • Strong odours emitting from your drains
  • A drop in water pressure
  • Slower than normal drainage in your sinks, basins, showers or tubs
  • Gurgling noises in your pipes
  • Your toilet water level sits higher or lower than usual
  • Water backing up in your bathroom drains or overflow relief gully after using the washing machine

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If you notice any of these signs contact Western Plumbing and Hot water on 0449 800 162 and we can clear your partially blocked drain before a complete blockage, or damage, to your pipes occurs.

Once a drain is completely blocked, in most cases, the water will soon begin to backflow as it simply has nowhere else to go but back up, or your sinks or toilets will become full as no further drainage can occur.  This is where structural damage to your property, or health risks, can occur.

Western Plumbing and Hot Water can help with all of your Adelaide blocked drain requirements quickly and efficiently clearing and cleaning your blocked drains.  If any damage has occurred to your pipework in relation to the blockage we will be able to provide a pipe repair or replacement service to stop the blocked drain from reoccurring.  A free, no obligation quote will always be provided before repair or replacement services are carried out.

Drains become blocked for a number of reasons with the most common reason being from tree roots.  A trees roots can easily penetrate even the most minute hairline crack in your pipework and soon grow to a large mass mixing with other matter, leaves and debris being flushed into the pipes eventually blocking the drain completely.  Tree roots cause the majority of blockages in sewer and stormwater drains.

Another major contributor to blocked drains is from foreign objects such as hair, food scraps, cooking oils, paints, chemicals, sanitary napkins through to too much toilet paper being put into our sinks and toilets.

Other factors of blocked drains include the age of the pipework, incorrect pipe installations, ground movements and heavy rains and storms.  Preventative maintenance such as; being mindful of what is going into your drains or toilets, regular clearing of your gutters, not planting trees too close to underground pipe networks and always enlisting a qualified plumber for any pipework repairs or new installations can dramatically reduce the risk of a blocked drain.

Your local Adelaide plumber from Western Plumbing and Hot Water will investigate the cause of your blocked drain and have it cleared, cleaned and flowing correctly again once more with minimal downtime or fuss to you offering a reliable, trustworthy and affordable plumbing service.