Gas Fitting Adelaide

Gas Fitters in Adelaide for Gas Leaks & Repairs

Gas Fitting Adelaide

Gas is an extremely hazardous substance and any Gas Fitting Adelaide requirement should be conducted by a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter. Attempting to install, repair or replace a gas appliance yourself, or using an unlicensed contractor, is not only illegal but could pose serious health and safety risks upon your property and the residents within, as well as void the gas appliance warranty and possibly cause dismissal of any future required insurance claims. Why risk it? Take the hassle out of any Adelaide gas fitting requirement on your property by contacting Western Plumbing and Hot Water on 0449 800 162 – available 7 days a week.

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When you contact us you are contacting a fully licensed and insured local Adelaide gas fitter able to repair, replace and install all types of gas appliances including gas heaters, gas hot water systems, gas ovens and cooktops and gas BBQ’s. Upon all new gas appliance installations we will also provide you with a certificate of compliance. This is a legal document that certifies that the gas appliance has been installed correctly and is in perfect, functioning order and that all work performed complies with the strict Australian standards. If you contact an Adelaide gas fitter that cannot supply you with a certificate of compliance for new gas installations then they are most likely unqualified or unlicensed.

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At Western Plumbing and Hot Water our Adelaide gas fitter can provide:

  • Gas appliance repairs, installations and replacements
  • Gas leak detection and repairs
  • Gas pipeline installations, repairs or replacements
  • Gas meter extensions or new gas connections
  • Same day gas hot water heater replacements
  • Bayonet fittings

If you suspect a gas leak on your property do not hesitate to contact us on 0449 800 162.  We have a fully qualified Adelaide gas fitter available 7 days a week who is highly experienced in all gas leak detection and repair services.

Signs of a gas leak may include:

  • A pungent smell – often referred to as a sulphuric rotten egg smell
  • Hissing or whistling sounds coming from a gas appliance
  • Higher than normal gas bills for no apparent reason
  • Changes in the colour of your gas pilot light – a normal gas pilot light should be blue in colour with a tinge of yellow
  • No hot water – if you have a gas continuous flow or gas storage hot water heater
  • Health deterioration noticed during, or after, operating a gas appliance
  • Patches of drying grass, bubbling water or sections of dirt being blown around (when there is no wind present) on your exterior property could indicate an underground gas leak

If you do suspect a gas leak we recommend that you turn off all of your gas and electricity appliances and open all doors and windows to adequately ventilate the area (never turn on a fan to aid this process).  Move to a safe, outside and well ventilated area and contact us on 0449 800 162.

For a reliable, affordable and professional gas fitter in Adelaide, contact Western Plumbing and Hot Water.  We service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide including Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, Semaphore, Reynella, Marion, Glenelg and Unley – just to name a few!  We have a local Adelaide gas fitter available on weekends; we provide free quotes, pensioner discounts and no call out fees.

Talk to a real plumber, not a call centre, by calling us today on 0449 800 162 for all of your Adelaide gas fitting and gas leak repair requirements.