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Plumber Croydon – General Plumbing & Maintenance

Do you need a plumber in Croydon, SA?

For a reliable, friendly and fully licensed plumber covering Croydon and its surrounding suburbs of West Croydon, West Hindmarsh, Renown Park and Ridleyton call the experts from Western Plumbing and Hot Water Adelaide.

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Call: 0449 800 162

We operate 7 days a week and can assist with any gas fitting or plumbing requirement including;

  • Hot water heater repairs, replacements or new installations
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Toilet repairs or new toilet installations
  • Tap repairs, replacements or new installations
  • Blocked drain repairs
  • Roof leak repairs
  • Burst or leaking pipe detection and repairs
  • Gas appliance installations or repairs
  • Bayonet fittings and gas pipeline extensions or new installations

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Plumber Croydon

A Croydon plumber who knows the area

At Western Plumbing and Hot Water we are highly familiar with the Croydon area and the residential and commercial property styles located within the vicinity; from a charming family bungalow through to a thriving café on Queen Street. This advanced area knowledge allows us to quickly identify common plumbing occurrences that may arise to provide a fast and effective repair, or install a new gas or plumbing connection with minimal stress or interruption to your day.

Why choose Western Plumbing and Hot Water for your Croydon plumbing requirements?

Apart from being well accustomed to the Croydon area there are many other reasons why you can rely on Western Plumbing and Hot Water Adelaide. When you call us on 0449 800 162 you can trust that you will be speaking with a plumber, not a call centre. This way we can completely understand your plumbing requirement from the get go and come to your location fully prepared.

We are a family owned and operated Adelaide small business and our customers’ needs are our top priority.Therefore we do not charge call out fees, we provide free quotes and also offer pensioner discounts. At Western Plumbing and Hot Water Adelaide we like to build trusting relationships and welcome word of mouth referrals – we know this will only happen by us doing the very best job possible for you.

Blocked drains in Croydon

A common plumbing maintenance issue that we see often in Croydon is blocked drains.  With the older style housing comes ageing pipework and with ageing pipework blocked drains, or leaking pipes, can easily occur. In saying this, blocked drains do not discriminate and can easily transpire in newer properties also.

A blocked drain will most likely occur due to ageing collapsed pipework, tree root infiltrations or from foreign objects becoming lodged. You can reduce the risk of a blocked drain by simply being mindful of what you are washing down your sinks, flushing into your toilets and where you plant trees. If you do experience a blocked drain in Croydon then call us any day of the week for a prompt repair.

For no hot water, a suspected gas leak, a blocked toilet, kitchen or bathroom plumbing renovations and everything in-between call the plumber Croydon residents rely on from Western Plumbing and Hot Water.