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Quantum Heat Pump Installations, Repairs & Replacements in Adelaide
Quantum Heat Pump Adelaide

If you need hot water fast and want to save significantly on your energy bills then a Quantum heat pump hot water system is a must. The Quantum hot water range have been proven to be the most efficient of all compact heat pumps in Australia.

Quantum Heat Pump installations, repairs, servicing or replacements across Adelaide, South Australia

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A Quantum heat pump is an excellent alternative to a solar powered hot water heater or an ideal replacement for an electric hot water system…

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The great thing about a heat pump is that there is no need for solar panels. Therefore they are much easier to install and there is no issue when you don’t have the requirements to install a solar powered system. Yet, due to their extreme efficiency they are classed in the same category as solar.

The Quantum heat pump also provides the ideal replacement for an old conventional electric hot water system due to the same footprint design.

Why choose a Quantum Hot Water Heat Pump?

If you want reliability, quality, efficiency and innovative technology from your heat pump then there is no better choice than a Quantum. Here’s just a few more great reasons:

  • Australian owned
  • Reduce up to 75% off your hot water energy bills
  • Can operate in temperatures as low as minus 10°C
  • Whisper quiet (providing the lowest noise rating of a compact heat pump on the Australian market, 48db)
  • Patented technology to reduce corrosion – suitable for all water types
  • Stylish & compact designs
  • Domestic & commercial heat pumps available
  • Eligible for Government rebates
  • Huge range of size capacities