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Vulcan Hot Water Heater Installations, Repairs & Replacements in Adelaide
Vulcan Hot Water Adelaide

Vulcan Hot Water Heater Installations or Replacements in Adelaide

The South Australian Government have made some changes when it comes to new hot water heater installations within Adelaide properties. They aim to dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions in the combat of climate change and, due to this, new gas or electric hot water heater installations must adhere to certain guidelines, including:

  • Gas hot water heater installations or replacements must have a 5 star minimum energy efficiency rating. If the gas water heater is being installed in an already established home within a fully enclosed space, such as the roof, the minimum energy rating must be 3 stars.
  • All new electric hot water heaters must be no larger than 250 litres in capacity.

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These laws do put a few of the Vulcan hot water heater models out of the picture if you’re looking for a new or replacement model. However, there are still the following top quality Vulcan models available to us:

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Vulcan Electric Storage – 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L or 250L

Depending on the model chosen the Vulcan electric storage hot water heater will provide hot water to a household with between 3-5 residents and all have an energy efficiency rating of 4 stars.

Vulcan Gas Storage

The Vulcan gas storage range is only available with a 4 star energy efficiency rating. Please call us to discuss if you may have the right requirements to install a Vulcan gas hot water heater in your Adelaide home.

Vulcan Hot Water Heater Repairs in Adelaide

These laws only apply to new installation or replacement hot water systems. Should your existing Vulcan hot water heater require a repair then call Western Plumbing & Hot Water– your local Adelaide plumber, covering all areas, 7 days a week.